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In Shadowrun Online has released a major update

MMORPG new best online games 2014-2015 21.12.2014 at 15:10

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Tactical MMO game Shadowrun Online has received a major update that added a lot of interesting and absent, in the opinion of hundreds of thousands of players, content.

With the release of the last patch in the game world was discovered next game material:

In the update were found representatives of the race dwarfs, for which you will be able to play. In a group you can now take three helpers.

co-op mode you can now play not only with randomname players, but also with his friends from the list.

was added to the skill tree.

All your karma can be wasted on any of the 8 branches of skills - Hacking, Blunt, Conjuring, Shotguns, Automatics, Spellcasting, Blades and Pistols.

carrying Significant edits received dozens of games abilities.

Appeared an interesting mission.

the Number of in-game items has been expanded.

the Developers have revised the game interface.

More about the latest patches for Shadowrun Online read here.