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Is it possible to remove the battery?

Pimp yourself 12.01.2015 at 18:57

Often motorists are many brands of cars from domestic to foreign face the problem of the battery, for charging which you want to take it off. And here arises the question whether it is possible to remove the battery?

From personal experience and analysis of a certain number of forums on this topic I will write a couple of notes.

thus, the majority of Internet users still believe that you can take pictures and perhaps I agree with them. However, it is worth noting some of the difficulties which can arise:

Failed setting electronics

Removing the power source in the car, of course you hit the settings time, date, etc. Additionally, many receivers require a pin configuration that may stray, but this system is not for everyone. Lose as GPS system. But for most problems will not be significant.

Closing locks

Without recharge alarm can automatically close the locks, therefore, an important point not to forget the keys in the car.

of Course there may be other petty problems, but on his experience convinced that all they are not significant and remove the battery. But for greater certainty, read the literature on this topic on your auto or consult with a specialist.

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