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How to extend the life of the radiators?

Pimp yourself 14.01.2015 at 18:11

We are not Talking about car radiators, and heating or as they are called "battery". Heating season basically starts in different regions in different ways. Because we are all accustomed to comfort, and what comfort without heat, we all apartments worth a certain number of radiators.

now, in order not to be left without heat, you need to properly operate their heaters. Namely, we are talking about defrosting, which most often refers to an Autonomous heating system.

why is it dangerous? Quite simply freezing the amount of substance in the radiator increases and they give the crack from which by itself is leaking.

Therefore important point in the use of batteries is not to allow such a process. How to do it?

the Programmers, the anti-icing system

When using offline system suitable both options, but there are ways to install the weekly programmer to maintain a certain temperature in the room at one time or another day of the week. Or install anti-icing system, the meaning of which is to maintain the temperature above the temperature of salegenuine.


Method does not require financial investments, suitable for both Central and Autonomous systems.

take Care of your heating appliances so they can serve you longer and stronger! If you still have questions, write them in the comments.

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