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Feedback on the work in the Tianshi.

Pimp yourself 18.01.2015 at 10:26

I can't say that it is a full review of the work in the company Tianshi, because I had never worked in it. But an essence not in it. And the fact that I strongly do not recommend most, again most, not all, do not consider this company as a potential employer.

Why? It's very simple. In fact, the office is in network marketing, which itself is nothing bad, which really can be earned, however, will be able to do palaeoecol not all. Additionally, if you are looking for the full experience, do not waste your time.

the scheme of the business they are simple. A couple of enterprising people who rent office. Then stick around the city a bunch of ads with headlines like "Assistant Manager", "Assistant Manager", etc. Absolutely no return restrictions and is not important to them whether you have experience. Just throw these ads in the Internet.

Then either you call them, or they find your resume. The essence of dialogue is that your questions about working let me just say at the interview, the name of the company you are unlikely to say, the question of network marketing it or not with probability 99% will say no. Let me just say that in connection with the opening of the branch, requires staff and you perfect, though, and experience you have, the salary is above average, most importantly come for an interview.

And at this stage, I recommend that you stop communicating with them, if you're not a fan of fraudulently tightening of people in network marketing.

But suppose you agreed to come for an interview, where you say that you have to pass three day workshop, after which you will clear all the essence of the work in the office.

the Essence of the seminar, this is the story of a grid plan of the company Tianshi and how to make a million based on the books by Robert Kiyosaki. Little penetrating into the essence of things, you will fall asleep unrealistic prospects of work in this company and description of your utter happiness to stumble upon this vacancy. If you stayed until the very end, on the third day you will say what you need to buy products for a certain sum of money, usually between 100-300$, under the guise of familiarization with the products and so on.

And the essence of your work will be, posting ads and set people on such ravago training.

I won't deny that we can earn, not implemented and do not want, but network marketing allows you to earn and that's a fact, another thing that in this company the earnings given that's the way of gimmicks and scams.

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