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Vaporizer PUFFiT X

INDICA — Goods discount 01.02.2015 at 11:20

INDICA — Goods discount

Introducing the new PUFFiT - X, which is built on the basis of the first successful PUFFiT vaporizer designed in the form of inhalator. The design of the new PUFFiT - X adds a tiny but powerful fan in the same super-small package.

The vaporizer PUFFiT X better than its predecessor

Paying attention to customer needs, updated adapter, which now allows you to recharge vaporizer PUFFiT X within one hour, compared with two hours of charging the previous model PUFFiT Classic. Supplied PUFFiT X along with the traditional the USB charger, also comes with a convenient docking station.

the Cap for dry aroma of herbs in the kit, allows easy secruity your aromatherapy herbs in gold plated heating chamber, the heating chamber has been improved, now your aromatherapy herbs better Prilepy to the walls of the heating chamber, in result you get pairs of excellent quality!

Vaporizer PUFFiT X sealed with heat-resistant silicone vacurg heating chamber to ensure proper seal. Each vaporizer PUFFiT X comes with hard carrying bag that allows you to wear your vaporizer with all the accessories everywhere with me.

PUFFiT X Is a Compact convection vaporizer designed for dried aromatic herbs, tobacco, made in the form of inhalator with a built-in fan to facilitate evaporation.

Video review of the vaporizer PUFFiT X

Price: 13 500 rubles Special offer: 11 990 rubles