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Kenyan dawn-it is beautiful!

Canary tea Blog about tea and tea travel 04.02.2015 at 14:31

Blog about tea and tea travel

Hello dear readers!

I continue to look for new tea experience. Recently, I went to the store and saw a black tea company Greenfield called Kenyan Sunrise. I have already told you the tea in Kenya.

In Kenya produce black tea, the tea leaves which are harvested mostly by hand. I bought this tea and home made it into the French press. Hot, fresh, African drink...

In Kenya produce black tea, the tea leaves which are harvested mostly by hand, and processed by the CTC method (extrusion,grinding,twisting into pellets). Because Kenya tea grows to a height of 1500-2700 m, growth of Bush's slow, and tea leaves small, which increases the quality of tea. Kenyan tea is often used for blending, mixing with Indian or Ceylon varieties.

Once the tea is ready, pour yourself a Cup. The taste is very interesting and intense. Spicy flavor, delicate aroma and dark caramel color of the drink. You know, I'm sure the Kenyan tea is a must try for everyone. Kenyan Sunrise has the taste and smell of the sun, if I may say so. Very fragrant, Sunny, a little strong black tea....

my ignorance I thought that Greenfield is a foreign brand. It turns out that the Russian company "Orimi trade" registered company Greenfield Tea Ltd. and the brand in the UK! You know, when shopping assign foreign names in a foreign language, that's about the same situation, only companies registered abroad. It is worth saying that the company is in the middle segment of the market, produces enough quality teas.

Friends in Irkutsk today it was very warm. The feeling that spring is will be here:) We are getting more on the website, as you tea music? Did anyone Kenyan tea? Write, discuss!

P. S.: material is not an advertisement of the brand or company. I write about my findings and impressions.