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Goji (goji berry) is a useful berries

Canary tea Blog about tea and tea travel 10.02.2015 at 00:04

Blog about tea and tea travel

Hello friends!

Very often, almost every tea online shop, in addition to different kinds of tea, you can see these Goji berries. Small red berries that the assurances of some help miraculous way to lose weight (which I don't believe), according to others it is a very useful Supplement to the daily diet, and is also included with the super-food (super food) along with cocoa powder, seeds, Shea and spice poppy.

I decided to find out what it is all the same for berry and how it is useful for the body. Now Goji berries, other names: Lycium chinense, Lycium barbarum, , wolfberry, Boxthorn, Matrimony Vine, Desert Thorn, Lycium brevipes. In Russian the Goji berry. Red berries that taste like a combination of dried cranberries and raisins, sweet sour taste.

In the composition of Goji berries a lot of useful vitamins and minerals. I believe that proper nutrition helps digestion and gives the body the necessary nutrients. At least many people comment about Goji, because due to the adoption of better hair, nails, skin, and overall health.

In the composition of the berries contain minerals (zinc, iron, phosphorus, copper, calcium, germanium). The vitamins included in the Goji include E, B1, B2, B6, C. Fats offered include omega-3 and omega - 6.

Goji Berries have a positive effect on digestion, are antioxidant (they fight free radicals that affect the youth of the body), improve mood, improve the General condition of the body.

When they say that this or that diet will help to lose 10 kg in a week or you need to abandon one product and you will lose weight, I don't believe it. Delicious, proper eating, practicing some sport, taking care of yourself - this I believe. Famous model Miranda Kerr very often talks about how she eats. In addition to Noni juice, coconut juice, additives mentioned above, it consumes Goji berries. I think you should try everything on your body. So each day I'll eat a handful of berries for 10 days, will see, will change anything. By the way, they should have a little handful of berries a day is enough.

these are the information I found about Goji berries. Do you Goji berries? What is their effect? Share your opinions in the comments!! Have a nice day!

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