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VAPIR Oxygen Mini convection vaporizer

INDICA — Goods discount 13.02.2015 at 12:10

INDICA — Goods discount

VAPIR Oxygen Mini Portable electric vaporizer, you can enjoy the aroma of your favorite essential herbs and oils without smoke, connect Your vaporizer to the grid and enjoy a pleasant ferry.

• Rich taste of the couple. There is no smoke.

• Portable and convenient

• Easy to use

• Tension of Elektrichestvo 100V-240V

• Digital temperature control up to 400 ° F

• Digital led Ultra sweetly LCD display

Vaporizer this is the safest way of Smoking. The thermo-element heats your mixture until you begin to evaporate active ingredients, no carcinogens that cause lung damage.

Vaporizer VAPIR Oxygen Mini is a Quality American vaporizer with LCD display with blue backlight.

In the program you will find 2 wooden stick and a brush for cleaning, mains charger powered from the mains 110 and 220 volts.

VAPIR Mini has temperature control from 250 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which equals 121-204 degrees Celsius.

Price: 9 990 rubles Special offer: 5 500 RUB

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