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Waldorf school

WORKBOOK TEACHER 21.02.2015 at 05:21

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Pedagogical Steiner system is based on respect for the child. The main objective is the development of innate abilities and strengthening faith in yourself, which plays a significant role throughout a person's life.

the Main principles of this pedagogy is the respect for the personality, individuality and creativity of each child.

the First years of life a child learns to walk, talk and act directly contacting with the person who is next (parents, guardians, babysitters). After reaching the age of three the child develops a sense of self, the transformations in his behavior and the need to expand contacts. In this age of the child, it is recommended to give in kindergarten. Not only is it not hurt, but will also facilitate the proper and healthy development. Up to three years to give the baby to kindergarten is not recommended.

Waldorf kindergarten is somewhat different from other preschools. It is based on the following principles:

- the Education of the child through an example that serves surrounding him;

- Variety of game activities ("free play"; folk play, theatrical performance, and so on)

- Rhythm and periodicity;

- Artistic-aesthetic orientation.

One of the features of this kindergarten is the almost complete lack of inhibitions. This may seem loyal, but Waldorf education adheres to this question certain positions. That is, allow the child to engage in expression as he wants, but so that it does not harm others. Also in Waldorf baby hell there are some kind of restrictions, for example:

- a Ban on the early development of intelligence. It is believed that up to seven years, the child perceives the world empirically, so it is premature to load memory and thinking should not be.

- a Ban on the media. This is to ensure that the child is not subjected to harmful influence of external sources, it limited in their use.

- a Ban on the assessment of the child's actions. This is to ensure that the child himself acted on the basis of their internal motivation. Evaluation by an adult is a pressure that prevents personal impulses.

Finally, the leading occupation of the child is the game. This type of activity small children is considered as a form of imitation, through which the child samovyrazhatsja and perceives the world. The behavior of teachers and development of the kindergarten also contribute to the fact that the children were free to play, interacting with nature and other children.

Orel M. A., Chernov, I. I.