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Jin Jun Mei (Golden eyebrows"). Tea with the taste of greatness.

Canary tea Blog about tea and tea travel 06.03.2015 at 07:53

Blog about tea and tea travel

Friends, I congratulate you on the coming March 8. I wish you, dear girls, girls and women, to always be loved. So every day, not just on 8 March, you gave flowers, compliments and good mood! To your favorite support you in your endeavors and that you tried to reach new heights, to strive for their dreams every day. I wish you courage for your dreams and confidence. Love yourself, be kind and caring to yourself, indulge and enjoy every day!!

And we continue to discover new kinds of teas and today I want to tell you about tea Jin Jun Mei (Golden eyebrows"). It is also called the Jin Jun Mei, or just Jun Mei. This red tea, in my case from County Fudin, Fujian province, China. With this Chinese name translates as "Golden eyebrows". Tea majestic, rich in taste and is quite expensive, but standing their money in full.

In one source I read that this tea because of its taste complexity and sophistication you need to leave later, to try something simpler. It is at the same time, my understanding of right and wrong. Right, because ,really, to understand the taste of this tea even small, but the experience is too rich in taste. On the other hand, the famous writer Maya Angelou is the author of this quote: "When you know better, you do better". Which translates as "when you know better you do better". So when you drink it the "best" tea, and Planck evaluation of teas you have above.

Profilethe water for tea, 85-95 degrees water, fill this wonderful tea, pour out the first brew, but the second will razolam on pilocka.... You still with me?

Gentle Golden-amber color of the brew and Sunny-Golden taste. There is some bitterness, if to brew stronger, and tenderness. Taste, feel, difficult to describe. Has anyone tried will understand:)) Here honey, flowers, the sun and the fortress of red tea. A great tea for a leisurely drinking tea with friends and family. "Warm and good taste of tea, which you need to try each.

Tea, similar in shape to the eyebrows(slightly curved), is composed of a large share of tips (tea buds), which is not very much affected by the fermentation process and which give it a wonderful flavor.

Despite the fact that people years studying the teas is always something new that you need to know. So interesting teas. Drink a delicious and high-quality tea. On March 8, friends! Subscribe to the news blog! Write comments!

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