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Natural insecticides - tansy, wormwood, bitter pepper, chamomile, burdock

Ryabinok 17.03.2015 at 08:11

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Tansy (green leaves and rhizomes) helps from caterpillars, moth, larvae Sawyer, the leaf. Green (2.5 kilograms) or dried (700-800 grams) powdered mixture of tansy pour 10 litres of water and leave for 1 day, then boil for 30 minutes and strain. Before the procedure, wetting the infusion should be diluted with water in a ratio of one-to-one. You can use different dried parts of the plant are ground into a powder and showered them with plants, which settled pests.

Artemisia absinthium in the form of roots and green leaves helps in the fight against caterpillars, Codling moth, leaf. Natural insecticide from wormwood is prepared by finely chopped green mass of wormwood (4 kilograms) or dry sagebrush (800 grams) filled with 10 liters of water, infuse for 1 day, and then boiled for 30 minutes. Then the infusion is diluted with water in a ratio of one-to-one and produced spraying.

the Pods pepper will help to banish from the garden such petty petty, like aphids, sawflies, slugs. To prepare this infusion according to the following recipe: 1 kg raw or half a kilo of dried crushed pods of pepper grind, pour 10 litres of water, allow to stand for 2 days, and then boil for 1 hour. The resulting broth to keep in a dark cool place. For processing plants use 100 milliliters of broth per 10 liters of water.

Chamomile in the form of infusion of the leaves and inflorescences collected during the flowering period assists against aphids, mites, caterpillars, larvae, sawflies, and weevils. For preparation of infusion should be finely chop 1 kilogram of leaves and flowers of chamomile, pour them with 10 liters of water, infuse for 12 hours. The resulting infusion to drain, diluted 3 times with water and spray pests of plants.

Burdock, or burdock, will help get rid of leaf-eating pests - Barisic and sawyers. Use all parts of the plant, harvesting produce in the flowering period. To prepare natural insecticide from burdock should be crushed 4 pounds fresh weight of the mug, add water, leave for 3 days, drain. The obtained extract to spray the plants.

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