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Tasting tea!Report

Canary tea Blog about tea and tea travel 17.03.2015 at 15:39

Blog about tea and tea travel

Hello friends!

Was tasting tea, which I wrote in the previous post

it Was very interesting and unusual. I love to learn new things and share new information with others. On Saturday we tried 3 types of tea: Feng Huang Dan Cong, the tai ping Huo Kui and Zhen Shan Xiao Jun. We started with Guangdong Oolong tea, red tea and then the last one was green Taiping Huo kui.

Teas are totally different, all very high quality and incredibly tasty. Although I failed to take a picture, sorry guys, it would not be polite, but I can advise everyone to visit tea events. Not necessarily believe what he says to the tea master, but to listen, to learn something new, see new impressions.The conversation has sometimes taken an unexpected direction, but some things I've learned.

First , it is not necessary to accept everything on faith. If tea master said that you need to brew tea so, don't mindlessly follow his example. Understand and steep way you want and how you feel. I'm still trying to understand and master with tea, but the example with the English language to explain to you I can. Sometimes, talking in English, I don't know why you want to use a particular word in a sentence, I just feel that it should be. The same, in my understanding, it should be done with tea. However, don't be dependent items from tea and the tea ceremony. People are dependent on ceremonies, rituals. And after you will feel the atmosphere of good interesting tea ceremony and remember that feeling, then you'll want to experience it again and again. Rest, a stop time, confusion and a desire to reflect on the topics for which you want is a calm peaceful state.

the Second is that with experience and practice comes skill. And you can brew the tea so that it revealed all their best qualities, in any containers. If you jade ware and best Chabang, it does not mean that the tea you prepare tasty. Conversely, high-quality tea, skillfully cooked in a regular pot, can be much tastier described above (in jade ware). There are many tea places and many ways the tea party. And to say that it can brew tea, but this is not good, not quite true.

And, third, to be a tea master, you need to practice a lot, to learn and to be a versatile person to anyone who will come to you to drink tea, feel comfortable, convenient and enjoyed the tea ceremony.

of Course I can't tell you about everything we talked, because the tasting lasted more than 3 hours. Talked about Buddhism, Taoism, about the tea ware and its value, etc. Friends, if you are interested in tea, if you want to know more about it, try to attend as many events and meet new people. I wish you many new tea discoveries and experiences!:) And drink quality fresh tea:)

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