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Natural cosmetics from fish waste

The territory of beauty Norm 18.03.2015 at 21:45

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Fish Waste production can be a useful source of antioxidants, valuable proteins and fats used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Processed biological material in the near future will be one of the new components for products designed to care for the skin. The project called APROPOS launched in several EU countries, where they plan to prove the enormous possibilities of the use of biomaterials from waste products.

Earlier fish waste production was used as the basis of pet food, but now the researchers plan to demonstrate their full potential. The bulk of the work will take place in the Spanish Catalan Polytechnic University. By using nanoparticles of special extracts the source material will be removed from unpleasant “fishy” odor, then connect the substances obtained from rapeseed oil. This will make it possible to use the components for cosmetic purposes. Scientists were also able to incorporate fish proteins and stabilize them in complex formulas used in the manufacture of cosmetics.

the New components on the basis of fish waste production will be included in the antimicrobial and anti-aging. The first company intends to expand its range at the expense of the products created on the basis of the project APROPOS Spanish will be TrueCosmetics. Suppliers of raw materials will become Norwegian fish farms that only 50% of live weight fish supply stores, and 50% write off as waste. For the production of new cosmetic products will be used gills, fins, head and entrails of the fish.