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Circadian rhythm affects the regenerative properties of the skin

The territory of beauty Norm 24.03.2015 at 20:01

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Cosmetic Ashland has developed a new ingredient that can fight effectively against harmful ultraviolet radiation, given and restoring daily circadian rhythm. For thirty years the laboratory Ashland conducted research that showed that the internal clock of the human body and circadian rhythms (fluctuations of biological processes, caused by the change of day and night), is able to regulate the modulation of stem cells.

Violation in this rhythm can adversely affect the appearance and health of skin. New cosmetic ingredient Chronogen YST from the company Ashland contains special biofunctional component that protects the skin from UV rays, taking into account circadian rhythms. The developer explains that night time happens DNA repair, i.e. the cells of the correct chemical damage and gaps in the damaged DNA molecules. In order to minimize the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, in the early days the skin must be prepared to receive solar radiation.

Often under the action of sunlight restorative functions in the cells are broken. It is with this phenomenon and will fight products with Chronogen YST developed by Ashland. Ingredient prevents negative effects of ultraviolet radiation with respect to biological rhythms, which contributes to the restoration of the circadian clock of the skin. This, in turn, ensures the normal process of DNA repair. It is assumed that Chronogen YST will soon appear in the composition of creams and serums for different purposes.