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Herbstick convection vaporizer

INDICA — Goods discount 27.03.2015 at 05:18

INDICA — Goods discount

Vaporizer Herbsctick for lovers of clean, cool pair

while the majority of PVS, obviously, repeat the design of each other, vaporizer Herbstick has a unique design, with a pair of very cool and innovative features.

for Example, a camera for dried aromatic herbs herbstick completely isolated from the electronics!

Fresh air gets inside the camera vaporizer through a small tube from the mouthpiece. At the same time, a small metal tube that brings cold air down to the bottom of the camera, can be used as a mixing tool by turning the mouthpiece when it is attached.

Distinctive features of vaporizer Herbsctick:

6 temperature regimes;

2300mAh Battery +100 minutes;

Adolescene 10 minutes for security, and battery saving;

6 different colors LED indicator displays the current temperature;

the Cold air when you inhale, a special cycle of fresh air;

Video review of vaporizer Herbsctick

Price: 10 900 rubles Special price: 9 500 RUB.

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