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G PRO Herbal vaporizer

INDICA — Goods discount 30.03.2015 at 16:43

INDICA — Goods discount

The Company Grenco Science ® is herbal vaporizer G Pro for dry aroma of herbs.

G Pro Herbal - Convection(without contact with the thermoelement) vaporizer with three heating temperatures.

After creating G microG Pen and the company Grenco gathered all his experience and created a new, true convection vaporizer, which puts the process of evaporation to a whole new level, now you inhale vapor instead of smoke.

Vaporizer G Pro Herbal very comfortable and pleasant to the touch, has three temperature settings that add variety to the process of evaporation.

Vaporizer G PRO has a clever design with durable, heavy construction, heating chamber G Pro is made of high quality medical stainless steel, when heated vaporizer releases active ingredients in vapor, no tar, smoke and no harmful byproducts.

G Pro has completely redesigned the heating process compared to PVS microG G Pen that use conductive heating method, with direct contact with the thermocouple, as a result of their use of partially formed smoke, partially pairs.

Vaporizer G Pro uses a completely different method of heat - convection, when heating occurs by means of vapor hot air heating chamber, without direct contact with the thermocouple, as a result you inhale only vapor, no smoke and tar.

Confezione evaporation - safe evaporation!

instructions for use of vaporizer G Pro:

Fully charge your G Pro before use.

Before turning on the fill chamber of the milled dried aromatic herbs, is not above the border.

To turn on/off vaporizer need brown sugar 5 times to press the button.

Immediately after you turn starts the heating of the chamber, the button lights in red, it means that the process of heating.

Upon reaching the desired temperature, the button will change its color from red to green, it means that you can begin to inhale the vapors.

To change the heating temperature after switching on the G Pro, press and hold the button for 1-2 seconds until the lower indicator will not change its color.

the temperature Indicator G PRO:

Red - 160°C | Green - 193°C | Blue - 215°C

Click here to view full instructions for vaporizer G Pro

Vaporizer has a stylish white and blue design with floral motif, Packed in a gift box in the style of cigar boxes, inside you will find a convenient tray for grinding your aromatherapy herbs and map-grinder G Card from Grenco Science, mesh, brush for cleaning, a set of silicone mouthpiece the user manual and USB charging cable.

What you get included with vaporizers G Pro:

1 Vaporizer with rechargeable battery G Pro ™

1 G Pro Cover-mouthpiece ™

1 G Pro Filter ™

5 G Pro Metal mesh ™

1 G Pro Detochka for cleaning ™

2 G Pro Silicone mouthpiece long ™

3 G Pro Silicone mouthpiece ™

1 G Pro USB Cable for charging ™

1 G card-grinder from Grenco Science ™

Vaporizer G PRO creates Herbal steam with a rich aroma, G PRO sets a new standard of quality among the PVS.

Price: 6 500 RUB Special offer: 5 990 rubles.

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