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As we have reduced the cost of moving to the site 13 times?

Article 01.04.2015 at 14:55


As with any company, we are engaged in attracting customers. To search for potential clients, we use various channels of Internet marketing.

we Have a b2b industry, and quite competitive - SEO, website promotion. This competition significantly affects the cost of customer acquisition. For example, if you take the example of contextual advertising, we can see that the average cost of a click on customer attraction on SEO will be around 150 rubles, due to the huge competition. We love to find new ways of development and are constantly trying to reduce the cost of customer acquisition. Not the last role in the process of attracting the customer plays just the cost of the client.

How we have reduced the cost of moving the client on our web site?

For a start, we took a tool of advertising in social network “Vkontakte”, namely targeting. Why this tool? We need to attract target audience. SEO is a product for a very narrow audience, so be advertised to the masses just absolutely useless.

As we have set up an advertising campaign?

to begin to define the parameters of your target audience, such as:



the Geographic location;


If you have any market research on this topic, that's fine, but if not, there is a way to find out options on their own? To help come to us Yandex.The metric.

Go to the “Visitors”, select the section “Gender and age” and get the information:

In the example of our website, it is visited mostly men, aged 18 to 35 years. Just take the information from the sales Department and understand that after a little tweaking, we obtained an audience from 22 to 40 years, these data are driven in targeting from the VC.

But this information most entrepreneurs know so much more interesting to look at the section “Commercial interests”, which is located in the “Visitors”

Here comes the interests of their target audience. From the example we see that those who are interested in seo, also interested in:




-mobile communication;

-the Internet;



the List of received interests also are driven in ad settings in VC. Group select based on the theme of your ad. I.e. if users are interested in the movie, it should not be advertised in groups about the movie. We chose a group that visits our target audience.

Naturally do not forget to configure the geography of users and go to setting prices. As practice shows, the CPM up being cheaper than paying for referrals. So choose the CPM.

Further bet that would not recommend Playground set minimum 1 ruble, shows if it is small, then gradually increase this figure, but generally small bet will still allow you to show ads often enough.

be Sure to place a limit of up to 100 views of one person, otherwise people who browse a lot of pages just useless use up your budget.

Using these parameters we reached 11 rubles per click, thereby reducing the cost-per-click is 13.63 times, if you count from the prices in

I Recommend first to try in small amounts 100 - 200 rubles, to search for the optimal performance, and then to invest a large amount. So we had a few experiments.

and of course after you configure a specific advertising go fight for ctr, because its increase reduces the cost, and hence the cost to attract customers to your website.

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