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Native Instruments - Alicia's Keys KONTAKT)

Tracker for musicians 03.04.2015 at 09:36

Tracker for musicians

Design with incredible accuracy, includes subtle details, such as mechanical noise, specially designed induced resonance, and even the sound hitting your fingers keys (optional), this unique tool provides a large number of living reality,so much in fact that Alicia Keys herself used it exclusively for the last album.

Alicia Keys was recorded in his own Studio ,under the guidance of Ann Mincieli .

the Tool is taken from Yamaha Alicia Keys '™ C3 Neo Grand piano . This unique tool was built in honor of the 100th anniversary of Yamaha in 2002 and is the top line of the Conservatory collection. Exquisite and unique sound C3 Neo has been carefully developed by Thomas Skarbye, Kontakt wizard Nils Liberg and engineer Ann Mincieli . The use of microphones and pre-amplifiers on the basis of a detailed analysis of the game Alicia, the group was able to realize a warm, soulful and inspiring sound C3 Neo down to the smallest nuances.