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Atmos Orbit convection vaporizer

INDICA — Goods discount 06.04.2015 at 16:50

INDICA — Goods discount

Vaporizer Atmos Orbit has a stylish design and a complete set required for evaporation.

This convection vaporizer uses a high quality ceramic chamber, which has a strong heating element. Housing Atmos Orbit is made of ustoichivogo scratch-resistant anodized aluminum which is covered with high quality leather on the outside, in order vaporizer convenient and pleasant to hold in hands.

Atmos Orbit designed for use with dry aromatic herbs and tobacco.

Keramicheskoy heating chamber Atmos Orbit equipped with an led light that lights up the camera while it is loading, the backlight facilitates the use and cleaning of the heating chamber.

Vaporizer Atmos Orbit Kit Accessories included:

1pc. Orbit convection vaporizer

1pc. Connector

1pc. Elastic band for mouthpiece

1pc. Tool

1pc. Cleaning brush

1pc. Charger

1pc. User manual

Video review - unpacking boxes vaporizer Atmos Orbit Kit:

Price: 10 000 rubles Special offer: 8 990 rubles.

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