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Depressant or lawyer? What to pay?

ANTICOLLISION 08.04.2015 at 17:57

Blog "Anticollision" dedicated to loans and loan defaulters.

Who would I pick in the case of a poor credit situation? Judging by the experience of communication and with the other I can confidently say one thing, you need to choose such a specialist, who had a winning case. It is desirable that the specialist has worked both in courts of General jurisdiction and arbitration. And so! 1. To see a specialist who offers You his services generally works in this field 2. What is the percentage of winning cases from the total number of cases in this area 3. If possible look at the recommendations Now go to the most important 4. What is the procedure for payment of services? Here I can advise You to listen to your heart. I can't say that there is a certain fixed rate. She's really gone. But to pay the ghouls earning on someone else's grief is also not particularly desirable. My recommendation to You is, do not conclude the contract for full service. See the cost of similar services for everyone who offers such services. Do not hesitate to call not only specialized "anticollection" office, call the lawyers, call the law firm. Ask how much it will cost each stage. 1. Drafting a claim to court. Representation in court at the correct spelling of the statement of claim is not required, you will be able to protect yourself, credit You managed to get. If you are afraid, ask how much will the presence of a representative or attorney at the trial. 2. Drafting of the application for the extension of the execution of the court decision. That's basically all the work depressant or attorney. Of course You will offer even more service type: - termination of calls from collectors - negotiating the credit organization - representation in the service of judicial bailiffs All this You can do yourself, rather spend the money saved on debt payments to the Bank!!! Good luck!!!

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