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Homework: right or obligation?

WORKBOOK TEACHER 12.04.2015 at 13:03

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the importance of homework stood for many years. Once homework has become a part of the educational process, immediately had his supporters and opponents. For example, the founder of the classroom environment of the Czech educator Comenius was an opponent of homework. He believed that the student should not study science more than 6 hours per day, and even then only at school. The opposite opinion was shared, for example, theorist and organizer of Soviet pedagogy and the public education system N. K. Krupskaya. From her point of view, students should learn independently acquire knowledge, and homework is needed for the development of these abilities.

But what ought to adhere to a teacher who starts a new business? In my opinion, answers this question of the historical fable of the General Ushakov. In the early stories between General Ushakov and his subordinate Colonel Salem is an unpleasant conversation, which is assigned to a duel. Everyone knows that the Colonel shoots amazing, and General mediocre and the chance to win the duel, with such a dead enemy, he does not. But the General did not give up and every evening for two weeks, going to the shooting range, while his opponent does his own thing. On the day of the duel the General comes out on top! The moral of the story is simple: the one who systematically prepares and trains your skills in the finals more successful than one who relies on his natural inclinations and puts efforts for their development.

This story, I think, reflects well the answer to the question about what homework: homework is an obligation. And only in performing this duty, the student, regardless of his natural abilities, can get deep knowledge on the subject and perhaps be more successful than their peers.