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Elusive Oolong tea Guan Yin

Canary tea Blog about tea and tea travel 14.04.2015 at 11:33

Blog about tea and tea travel

Hello, dear readers! I really missed writing the blog!

Honestly share with you that when I started to write articles about tea, not thinking about how much it will take time and effort. It's so much fun: brewing tea, tea party, while simultaneously trying to Express their feelings in words, to make good photos, after you process the photos and write the article. However, recently, as you know, I'm not lecturing, I will improve and write more often:) I really like it:) Let me have a lot to learn and try, I am willing to learn, to work, to accept and understand. I hope we go this way!)

Today I want to tell you about one of the most famous Chinese teas - Guan we go...

Guan Yin is suboperations Oolong from County ANSI Fujian province, which will capture your attention and will not let you go until tea out of steam. Yes, probably, and then let go. You will long remember its aroma, taste and even finish:) Here is the tea:

Oolong tea, which combines the ease and finesse. The smell of freshly cut grass,flowers, fresh and weightless, constantly escapes from you. How many did not try to keep the smell of this tea, it constantly eludes me! Perhaps that is why I want to drink it again and again.

Gently swirling the leaves when welding fully bloom and give the taste of the water. I made tea six times. After that, the flavor weakens.

the taste of the drink as easy as smell. Besides, he is incredibly gentle, sweet and the first brew I did not as sturdy. The taste of the second and third infusion was more full and interesting. Odor and taste not as fresh as Huangshan Mofina, he is more relaxed. I must say that is a light shade of tea is deceptive. If you think the taste is homogeneous, you are mistaken. He is very versatile!) And to some extent all perceive it differently.

the Tea leaves a pleasant sweet aftertaste and desire. Eager to try it again. So I spent my afternoon tea with Guan Yin. Let's communicate! Write your comments below, they'll be very happy! Write me on Twitter and add us on instagram)

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