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The tale of the snow maiden.

PROMOTION 21.04.2015 at 07:31


The Tale of the snow maiden

In the spring holidays, parents are doing everything possible to give your beloved child a truly wonderful atmosphere. This cause all sorts of gifts for boys and girls of various ages, a significant role in the upbringing of children playing and beautiful fairy tales and stories about Santa Claus, snow maiden, squirrel and rabbit and other fairytale characters that we encounter in childhood constantly. But another, shall we say, festive attribute of the holidays, not only for the winter, be sure to become the cartoons on a Christmas theme.

today we want to remind many parents, grandparents and about, without exaggeration, a brilliant masterpiece of Soviet animation called the Tale of the snow maiden, who was in 1957, created by the Duo Directors Vladimir Danilevich and his namesake Vladimir Degtyarev. Today watch online the Tale of the snow maiden everyone can by Internet address absolutely for free and without registration. Just log in the Internet and follow the link in the description above.

This tale will be of interest to everyone - both children and their parents and the older generation. The plot of the movie has the classic content is drawn from Russian folk tales, but they are not less interesting and informative. When everybody celebrate new year in the village only sad in the same house two old men, who have no children. Then they decide in his own yard, Christmas traditions, make a snow man which put his love and soul, and the next morning see their manual creation has turned into a real beautiful girl. This is a tried and conjured a real Santa Claus who leaves the maiden to her new parents, but give them strict orders: the girl wouldn't have to suffer from the heat and bright sun. What this story ended, you know yourself, when you look at the Tale of the snow maiden, which today is and tomorrow is going to be interesting to fans of cartoons.

the Tale of the snow maiden