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The end of the week.

PROMOTION 27.04.2015 at 07:05


Dead souls, the 21st century

Week was wonderful. The street was a warm money, and it means just what started out the holiday season. And in order not to run your project-experiment acamera titanova.the Russian Federation , most of the power and money was spent on the implementation of this insane idea.

1. Business. Master Group.

the Weekend trying not to think about things. Nearly a day was not online and connected. Engaged in planning.

2. Documents ( law+foreign ).

All you really need to quickly close until fall. This important goal gives energy to fight their own laziness and to implement new ideas and projects. Help to obtain a passport, you can start collecting as early as next week.

3. Sport.

the Equipment of the day pitchfork and rake. The more the merrier. To be knocked down.

4. Health.

Zatar vitamin pills in the medicine Cabinet. Power needs to be protected.

5. English.

while working on the ground to teach the English words in the headphones is just perfect. Good idea really needs to be implemented.

6. Guitar.

an appointment for a free trial lessons.

7. The spirit-mind-body.

Tomorrow will take a book and I will learn a new and interesting direction for me in the business lounge colors from scratch.

8.Holidays and family.

We will meet again.. me, please forgive me.

9. The organic garden.

Today direct dispersed. 've put a lot of elite varieties of radishes. If I forget to water, you'll get lots of tasty and nutritious feed

10. Irreparable the good of the world.

Helpful information to those who started the repair. For dacha construction works best in Moscow armature 12 price per yard metal metallurg. Wholesale and retail.