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Canary tea Blog about tea and tea travel 03.05.2015 at 07:01

Blog about tea and tea travel

Changes...Scary, but inevitable. In the next month the blog will change significantly, but only in a good way. New design, new photos, fresh teas, but all the same, love you, love me.

Not so long ago I read the quote, the essence of which is that "the distance", the distance between who we want to become or what we want to achieve and who we are now supposed not to disappoint, to frustrate us, but rather to inspire. To inspire creativity, to actions, to achieve their goals. However, sometimes we want to quit. At such moments, I personally remember about your goals. Reminds me of why I do something and what are my goals. And sometimes even imaginary scales that did not want to do and what you want to achieve. Second always wins and weighs more.

Tea...In many countries is already being collected fresh tea, which can be very soon to try in stores. I look forward to the arrival of new teas. This is a special moment when you drink fresh and delicious tea. I already ordered a fresh Guan Yin, which definitely will show you upon his arrival to Russia. Meanwhile do not miss, let's communicate. Email comments and suggestions to articles.

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