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90 years of the USSR

Books on history, 14.05.2015 at 14:04

Books on history

Author: Makarov A. G. (ed.)

Title: 90 years of the USSR

Publisher: M.: AYRO-XXI

Year: 2012

Pages: 269

Format: djvu

Size: 19 mb

the Collection based on the conference proceedings RUS 27 October 2012 and primarily devoted to the history of the USSR on December 30, 1922, In the reports and speeches of the conference participants reflected the problems of the origins of the Soviet state, preconditions of its creation in the form of a Federation of a new type. Reflected in these materials and future plans of building the country, which had representatives of Russian society before the revolution of 1917

the centerpiece of the collection is the registration of the Union of Soviet republics after the Civil war. In detail tells about the struggle of opinions, which occurred at a time when a creation of an optimal model for the new state of Europe and Asia. Specially understand the founding documents that established the creation of the USSR. The authors also subject researches economic history of state and law, complex problems of military science, spirituality and culture. Explores the various social strata of that time - the working class, the peasantry, the Cossacks. Are also reflected in the collection and the situation in some regions of the country, before and after the creation of the USSR. Understand the issues of periodization of Russian history, and examines the life of the country at different stages after the creation of the new state. A number of reports on the causes of the destruction of the USSR and

its effects and seek ways for further cooperation within the CIS.

the Collection is intended primarily for historians, researchers, University professors, school teachers, and for all those interested in domestic history of modern times.