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Sources and historiography of the Slavic middle ages

Books on history, 14.05.2015 at 14:06

Books on history

Author: Nikitin, S. A. (ed.)

Title: Sources and historiography of the Slavic middle ages

Publisher: Moscow: Nauka

Year: 1967

Format: PDF

Size: 4.96 MB

This book is devoted to the problems of socio-economic history of the Slavic countries, the history of law, religion, Chronicles, historiography and linguistics. The collection consists of articles, reviews, book reviews, publications. The reader will learn the history of crafts and trade Varna, Sozopol, Mesembria, learn about coin-operated systems and the prices of the Bulgarian black sea XIV., "the legalist" Czech king Charles IV, the rights and obligations of the Czech nobility in the middle ages, about the evolution of accents, orthographic reforms of Constantine Kostenetskogo.

the materials of the collection are of great interest to historians, linguists, ethnographers and linguists. In addition, many useful and necessary will find teachers, students, and a wide circle of readers interested in the history of the Slavic peoples.