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Stonehenge + Windsor

Adventure and extreme sports in London

your Price : 495 pounds Duration : 9 hours Languages: Russian, British, German

a Trip to the country residence of Queen Elizabeth II Windsor. The residence of the English monarchs in the town of Windsor. In over 900 years, the castle is an unshakable sign of the monarchy, towering on the mound in the plain of the river Thames.

This is "the most romantic of all the castles in the world," according to the review writer of the seventeenth century Samuel PIP.

This ancient structure located in the UK, At the moment, archaeologists were of the view that this construction, the monument was built in three steps between 3500 and 1100 BCE Stonehenge I was a circular ditch with 2 rooms and can be served as a cemetery. In a circle along the outer shaft 56 posted samll funeral "Aubrey holes", narechenyh after John Aubrey, who first described them in the XVII century. To the North-East of the entrance to the ring was huge, seven-Heel stone.

naming His name was now ruling in the UK Royal dynasty. A Visit To Stonehenge. Cyclopean construction of Stonehenge — stone mystery at the heart of Europe as referred to this magnificent monument to one of the researchers Dr. Omlor Trever. Inside the ring was a horseshoe of 5 separate standing trilithons.

Additional information Basic information: tour Price: 495 pounds Duration: 9 hours of People in group: up to 15 people Languages: Russian, British, German tour Price includes: Shuttle service :YES pick up from hotel:YES hotel delivery :YES Transportation :YES Food and drink :NO Additional costs:Entrance tickets (concerts, theater, Museum, circus...) :YES translation Services :YES Booking of hotels, restaurants, tickets :YES Visa support :YES Additional information:Tour booking at least 7 days before the tour date :NO Tour is conducted in the presence of a minimum of 2 travelers : YES Price may be changed :NO the Tour is suitable for decade

In the construction of Stonehenge II was built on land the alley between the Heel stone and the entrance. Were built two rings of 80 large boulders blue that may be delivered within 320 km from South Wales. In the final step of the construction was carried permutation of megaliths. The blue stones were changed circular colonnade of 30 trilithons, each of which consisted of 2 vertical stones and build on their horizontal plate.