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Prevention of breast cancer

Pictures — mammograms — are made for each breast in 2 projections: direct and oblique. Just as you already guessed, 4 image. When doing a survey? The ideal is to go for a mammogram first menstrual cycle from 5 to 12 a day.

Most of them over time disappear, because some patients do not assign values to them in communicating with the doctor.

But you must keep in mind that breast cancer often develops without symptoms! From your information depends on your health — remember this!


To monitor small changes in the breast of every month in the post-menstrual period to conduct breast self-exams. First, closely inspect linen on the presence of some stains in places of contact with the nipple. Any discharge may indicate the disease! Upon examination of Breasts pay attention to the subsequent reasons: a change in the shape or size of the breast, thickening and nipple retraction or skin, the appearance of seals or nodules in the area of breast cancer, even if they do not cause pain, redness or peeling of the chest, the release of water from the nipple, palpating lymph nodes in the armpit. Self-examination allows the detection of tumors of the smallest size, what are their pros. It can help not only to identify the 1st signs of the disease, and to assess the degree of dissemination of the process and nature of tumor growth. It is very important to select an upcoming method of healing.

3. Self-examination

everything depends upon you.

terrible Deadly tumor, not so long ago occupied by the frequency 4th place at the moment came out on 1st. Premature detection of metastases allows for a timely healing and to enhance its effectiveness. For this, specialists beststore advise to stick to conventional systems:

1. Repeating the doctor's examination

But only in this case, if the examination be repeated often. Take this procedure very seriously, because at stake — your health and happy life.

breast Cancer is one of common diseases in women. The chances of successful healing dramatically increased in this case, if the disease diagnose at Renesmee stage.

Egor Koshelev / "Health-info"

the incidence of breast cancer in Russia grows at an alarming rate by 64% over the past 20 years.

the Next step — the interview. Immediately tell him about all the symptoms that have appeared in the near future. More frequent symptomatic phenomenon are seals and components in the area of breast cancer. Can also occur a small configuration of the shape of the breast, the nipple, the surface of the skin.

Diseases of the breast are the most doctors of various specialties — mammalogy, gynecologists, doctors, radiologists, oncologists. The inspection can be performed in a hospital, women's clinic, rentgenotomograficheskie office General purpose. Special needs laborious to examine mammary glands, axillae.


If the inspection will identify any differences — the doctor will give you a referral for x-ray mammography. She is the undisputed favorite in identifying those cancers that are impossible to find on palpation. What is the procedure? Within seconds the lady feels the compression of the breast. It is necessary to obtain quality images.