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Internet requests Russians on healing abroad grow

As explained in "Sankuru", to be treated abroad, the Russians go first, in order to solve complex health problems. In most cases, admissions from cardiology and Oncology disease also, people suffering from rare diseases. Abroad Russian patients usually lured comfortable, which is not always possible to find in Russia, and more than low prices.

With all of this more affordable prices offer clinics of Turkey and Spain. In most cases our fellow citizens are moving abroad for treatment to cancer patients and orthopedic diseases, also, to make a diagnosis," — said the expert. The Deputy head of the company added that in order to save the rehabilitation after surgery, the Russians usually are not in those countries, which made healing. "We offer in this regard, resorts in Slovenia and Hungary", — said the interlocutor of the electric magazine.

With all of this, the peak of the enthusiasm of users peaked in April. By the way, under forecasts of the Global health organization, by 2022, tourism and healthcare have evolved into one of the defining global industries. In turn, the participants of the market, specializing in the medical tourism state growth in the demand for their services but will not speak about significant pace. So, Deputy General Director of the company MedRise Elizabeth hamayunov said Train that increasing the number of clients, exactly, is felt, but growth rates are quite reasonable. "Demand, as before, are well-promoted on the market are Germany and Israel.

According to the data acquired based on the web statistics applications of the Russians on the web site of a special portal, in the first half of 2012, the demand for healing abroad in the midst of our fellow citizens has increased by 32% compared with the same period in 2011. This dynamic also exceeds the world average expected rate of growth of honey and health tourism, which makes up 20-30% per year. For the 1st half of 2011 the online application form in a choice of clinics abroad enjoyed on average 83 per month or 0.1% of the number of guests to the website.