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What is the weight of family happiness?

If the criteria of stress you sleep less than 7 hours a day, you'll be in a year measured to gain a kilogram. The drawback of sleep increases the production of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite, and lowers the production of the satiety hormone leptin. Because when you get tired, you are drawn to sweets and biscuits.

do Not forget about protein foods: chicken, fish, Turkey.

the Protein contains leucine, this amino acid will not give slimming body wasting muscle tissue. Drink skim milk. After training for two cups of milk will give rise to muscles and will assist you to burn more fat.

Bringing fat at supersonic speeds, you strain all systems of the body and reduce the rate of metabolism by 25%. Getting less than 900 calories a day, the body resorts to the consumption of precious muscle tissue, causing the metabolism even stronger slowing down.

What to do?

you should lose Weight slowly. On a diet in 1300-1500 calories you will still be dropping excess, but the rate of metabolism decreases by only 5%.

In the muscle tissue burn calories faster.

2. Refrain from exhausting diets and starvation. Don't need not enough sleep and lots of worry.

In a situation of constant stress is production of cortisol, a stress hormone. Specifically he povinet that you always desire pilaf or French fries.

1. Do not blindly believe the scales.

especially the most common, which consider only pounds.

in Addition, there are inexorable laws of nature: over the years, decreasing muscle mass, decreased rate of metabolism, and in 35 years you burn in a day at 100 calories less, and 45 — 200. Even if we turn away from breads and cakes, still run across unwanted 4 kilos.

How to spur sleeping metabolism? Come from we list the most unpleasant and vserasprostranennoy mistakes dieters.

-4-x, a lady's body is designed in such a way to hoard fat and to have in case of famine in store nutrients in order to nurse a baby. But now with the invention of microwaves, noodles and pizza, this bio is a mechanism that evolved during the evolution, the lady only prevents.

-5-x, the current inhabitant of a big city so tired at work that prefers to rest in a horizontal position, motionless.

What to do?

Sleep at least 7 hours a day. To disconnect from problems, put on your running shoes and push off for a walk.

to be precise! After a hearty Breakfast during the day you consume 100-200 calories less and eventually will be 30% thinner. With all this morning calorie burn for the good, and the evening lay on the hips, buttocks, tummy.


In the 2nd half of the day hunger takes its toll, and the lady eats for lunch, convincing myself that the next day everything will change. Those who keep to a diet only in the morning, do all the same error: no Breakfast metabolism it wrong, calories are not burned. What to do?

Choose the kind of scales that calculate the ratio of muscle and adipose tissue. Muscle tissue must be more.

What to do?

If more fat than muscle, adjust your diet and increase physical activity.

Ancient history: she got married, and after a few years of beloved jeans I had to give a younger sister. What is the cause of such mysterious transformation of Cinderella into a pumpkin and how to beat it?

Catherine Oleynikova / "Health-info"

-1-x, after marriage the lady is lost the incentive to look at 100 times a day — she's already found his own firm and can breathe freely.

In-2, decreases with age collagen production, there are wrinkles.

3, after the birth of children especially hard to get rid of recruited during pregnancy.

3. No need to golodovli in the morning.

Many ladies have forsaken nights, so tightly in the evening dinner.

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