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"Help, I'm drowning!"

But unlike those who is buried, those who are in a panic, can assist rescuers to save himself. And now they can snap buoys and other means.

now, remember, is at once the surest sign that a person is immersed, when it did not seem that he goes to the bottom.

And if his mouth for a second and occurs above the water surface, then this second person making actual need him inhale and exhale, but not yelling.

the Drowning people cannot wave your hands. Subconsciously people will stretch out your hands to the sides and will try to build on the surface of the water.

the Sample to recline on his back.

Motion such as if the person gets up the stairs, occasionally surfaced.

still, if people desperately waving his arms, he too needs help.

Drowning not may be finish to sink, and waving his arms, calling for help, to sail to the rescue or reach for thrown to him from the shore to the means of salvation.

the Drowning person is in the water right, and if the tragedy of the fit does not recognize the lifeguard drowning will resist the strength of a minute, and the child is only 20 seconds before you go under the water completely.

Here are more signs of a drowning person:

Head low in the water, mouth at water level.

All going on vacation on the sea, especially with children, is dedicated to this article.

any rescuer for you will say that the ability to recognize those who's choking, you need a long time to learn. Diving occurs without splashes, spray, shake hands and desperate clicks. And child from the moment of their own before entering the water tragic second most likely won't utter a word or sound.

Head thrown back, mouth open.

glass Eyes, empty eyes, defocused.

the Eyes are closed.

at First, a person makes a real breath and only later, he says. And if you breathe how can't he?

the Mouth is actually sinking is always under water. Man can neither inhale nor exhale. There is no question about that name in this state to help.

Specifically, this movement gives him the opportunity to level off in the water, raise your head and grab the air with your mouth.

Sinking in principle unable to control his body at will. All this happens on a subconscious level.

from Time to time it seems that people just floats on his back and stares somewhere upwards. Pretty easy to ask: "are You all right?" And if the answer is no, means it's bad. If the answer is the glass eye, then you have 30 seconds to save a life.

Only later, when he came to do the same on the shore, sad to cry from fright.

Remember, in 10% of cases, the child dies in the water at a time until it looks its parent, not knowing what was going on.

with rare exceptions, people are not psychologically able to call for help. Speech is secondary to the breathing function.

the Disaster on the water this year happen constantly. Unfortunately, almost all of them — with the role of the kids. On Saturday it became clear that 9-year-old boy washed away from the rubber boat wave. The baby was dead.

facial Hair.

the Feet are not moving, the vertical position of the body.

the Samples to swim, but bad.

Ancestors! Be careful. The child is always happy in the water, and issued reports on their own joy.

If the clicks stopped, immediately find out why.