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It is time to school – 1

Nedavneshnim studies have shown that the negative effect of microbes on meat at room temperature is already apparent within a half hour. If a child eats at school, we hardly worry about what food might be harmful. What fed children in educational institutions, usually quite aggressively controlled.

But need to know if baby allergic to those or other products, in order to adjust his diet if necessary.

meanwhile, for the baby, especially primary school age, this can be a significant problem.

If the student is to obtain knowledge on foot, the principle that the journey took him no more than 15-20 minutes including walking pace. And not only because a child should not be tired physically. Long road to school can be tiring and mentally.

this applies In particular to parents of first-graders.

There are particular tips of the CPS on this issue. Weight everyday set of textbooks and writing utensils should not exceed: for students 1-2 grades — more than 1.5 kg, 3, 4 classes — 2 kg; 5-6-x — 2.5 kg, 7-8-x — 3.5 kg, 9-11 — more than 4 kg, according to the decree, which not so long ago took our bureaucrats. These tips come from approximately the weight of a baby in any other age.

to Feed or not to feed?

the Question of food in school deserves a separate publication (which in recent times will appear on our website), but it makes sense to direct attention to some nuances.

If you are preparing your child to school Breakfast, then pay close attention to the fact that it contains no perishable foods. This applies, in particular, and such a popular component of Breakfast quickly as sausage.

And this may be covered cause of truancy — the student will be just far too lazy to walk.

If the child gets to school on public transport, it is necessary to estimate the quantity, the degree of convenience of transport and the length of the route. He, too, should not exceed 20 minutes. It is strongly recommended in 1st year in school to accompany and meet the kid from school before the time, until you make sure it is able to do it without your help.

this is why kids are so picky to such seemingly immoral things as a sketch in the portfolio. Parents should direct attention to other details.

Principally measure the weight of the portfolio over the years, schoolboy, that he was very languid for the baby.

the Extra stress on the baby may threaten exaggerated fatigue.

a Long way to get more knowledge

not always and Not all parents have the opportunity to walk the kid to school.

But the weight in children (especially in adolescence) may be different, because we should also consider the advice of orthopedic surgeons. According to the view of doctors, the best load including the weight of the baby should look like:

backpack with orthopaedic backrest (portfolio weight of 1250 g) — up to 15% of body weight toddler backpack with compacted back (the weight of the portfolio to 850 g) — up to 10% by weight of the body baby soft pack (portfolio weight up to 500 g) — up to 7% of body weight of the baby.

in Other words, in more serious satchel holds more cargo.September 1st is around the corner and ancestors have already went into the portfolios and notebooks. "Health info" opens a series of publications that will tell about what should be the focus, giving the baby to school.

Victor Mironov/ "Health info"

how Much should weigh the backpack?

the Backpack is not just a bag, in which the child wears textbooks and notebooks. It's almost a calling card of the student.

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