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On vacation in the Crimea — cash

In current times, information Bank of the Russian Federation on may 20, 2014, in the Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol to receive cash with the introduction of payment cards VISA and MasterCard at 56 ATM and 10 mo cash advance different lending institutions.

Such advice given in Rosturizm those who push off on vacation to the Peninsula this summer.

the Need to bring sufficient amount of cash is justified by the difficulties that may appear when using payment cards. The statement of the Federal tourism Agency notes that the Crimean government and banks are working to enhance the skills and payment infrastructure on the Peninsula, but for technical debugging and organizational issues will need a lot of time.

in addition, in the current time in Crimea have limited the number of payment machines. the only exception is the savings Bank: branch naikrupneyshim Russian Bank has in virtually every region, because the customers of this Bank problems should not occur.