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September stress, postupka syndrome, how to get rid of stress

Give your own body time to adjust to the new way. If you just returned from vacation, get ready: the most languid 1st 3 days. Specifically this post-vacation period account for most of the resignations. People understand how excellent it was "there" and how evil "here."

Even short conversations with strangers, companions, neighbors in the queue in the supermarket doing a better mood. The secret is simple: people try to make a memory at each other and talking because peaceful.

a Good mood can be infected. Scientists have proved: the saying "out of sight, out of mind" is a fact.

People are able to get into a good mood from others. In General as bad. If you are sick at heart, find the man with a reverse mood, communicate with happy, cheerful people who will support you in difficult minute.


the first Stress relates to enlighten not only students and students who begin a new school year. In comparison with the summer "off season" financial activity in September sharply goes upwards. Increasing pressures at work, change of weather, autumn Blues cause stress. Read 10 tips on how to remove the September stress.

If you are experiencing stress, best to just eat salmon, almonds and olive oil. These products contain omega-3 fatty acids, which improve mood. Confirmed, by the way, in clinical trials.

Chat with a stranger.

ex-smokers, the mood is always much better than previously. So common "Smoking calms" is a lie... and provocation. Forward to a healthy lifestyle!

Put on the table a beautiful Orchid, buy a colorful trinkets. Such cleaning will refresh not only your mood, and the brain.

the Food to relieve stress. Treat yourself to dark chocolate, just don't get carried away, otherwise later you have to write another article, how to lose weight after stress.

Organize your work area. In 70% of cases the main source of stress is work. In your power to make the working conditions a little better. Sharpen your pencils and scissors, buy new containers for papers, optimize the space on your Desk.

don't worry, this mood will pass by the end of the week.

Install prerequisites. Become aware of your own stress and find its source. They can be outright a few: work (this usually happens after a long vacation), family (child went to a new class), bad weather (sunlight defect really affects the mood).

Alexander Tuchkin / "Health info"

Most importantly: it's okay. Accept the fact that you can change the mood. If you have two or three days at the soul scratching cat, its not a reason for appeals to psychologists.

Always a good mood does not happen, and negative emotions — is also a method of self-expression. Beating anxiety is, if the stress lasted for a couple of weeks and threatens to grow into saponaceous depression.

This certainly will be.

physical exercises improve blood flow to the brain, the secretion of serotonin and dopamine, which are responsible for mood, the creation of new neurons in the brain. Fitness — the best heal cure for all ailments.

quit Smoking.

Let this September will be the most awesome in your life by Monday! Give up bad habits. Remember that understanding is the 1st step to getting rid of stress.

do Not delay the decision difficulty "maybe, it will all work out." Business season began with bad news at work? Create CV and painstakingly analyze your weak and strong points, as well as the chances that you will leave or you will find the latest work. The child is nervous about school? Meet other parents and their babies, discuss the objectives of the class.

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