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Several misconceptions of our tourists about the Egyptians

NewsTraveller for tourists and travelers 03.06.2015 at 23:06

NewsTraveller for tourists and travelers / RSS channel

Today I want to dispel one myth of the Egyptians, to talk about what the peculiarity of Russian tourists cause the Egyptians grin, and what actions the Egyptians travelers know is completely wrong!

I always say that we are Russians and Egyptians are different. We have a different mentality and attitude. Contacting with each other, we often completely misunderstand the actions of the other party. But to understand the true cause or the possible consequences of this or that deed can be, only with considerable experience of immersion in the opponent. And if you are permanently resident in Egypt compatriots already ran through all the rake and know about the peculiarities of local mentality, in the case of the tourist Egyptians have a distinct advantage in understanding the situation. The fact that Egyptians working in tourism, communicate with the citizens of Russia and the Union republics every day and immersed in our environment, but the tourists come here for 1-2 weeks, so in dealing with the Egyptians they see the situation from their point of view.

so, what are the main misconceptions of our compatriots about the Egyptians.

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