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Colombia - Venezuela ~ forecast and bet on football

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14.06.2015 in 22:00 at Estadio El Teniente in Rancagua will begin the first round match of the Copa America between Colombia and Venezuela. Colombia's fair in the upcoming meeting is the favorite, because according to many specialists in modern Colombian team is the strongest in the whole history of local football. Maybe these people are right, but such statements need to confirm titles and places, so far, Colombia has some difficulties.

the Review team Columbia.

Colombia, the history of the Copa America only once won the tournament. It happened in 2001, but in that tournament was not part of the Argentine national team, so full that tournament. Now the national team of Colombia has gotten very good players, and even, despite the presence of such monsters as Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay win the Copa America does not look for Columbia something out of the ordinary.

since last year's World Cup in Brazil, the composition of Colombians has not changed, even, perhaps, became stronger. First of all: will be able to play in the tournament Falcao, although the season was far from the best in the career, this world-class player, Radamel may decide the outcome of the match in one blow. Secondly: are guys like James Rodriguez, Juan Cuadrado, Carlos bacca, Jackson Martinez last season to gain experience, including international and matured psychologically.

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But of course, this team has problems. The first is protection. The team and it's so skewed to the attack, leading the team's defensemen, such as zúñiga and Zapata held far from their best seasons in the clubs. The protective potential of the Columbia has, but he does not go to any comparison with the attack.

Team Colombia spends a lot of friendly matches. This suggests that the coaching staff is very serious about his work and puts the maximum amount of effort to achieve a positive result.

the Review team Venezuela.

Venezuelans in recent years attracted attention, but to a greater extent on the continent. In Europe about this team know a little bit, because they did not participate at the world Cup (although struggled with Uruguay for fifth place). Information little, but we will proceed from there. In recent months Venezuela has many friendly matches are not held, but a few were, namely: lost to Jamaica 1:2 and defeated Peru 1:0.

In the composition of Venezuela there are quite a few famous players. The first is Rondon from Zenit, also rincón (Genoa), Arango (played for a long time in Germany and now in Mexico), young Alexander martínez (Torino). Pretty good performers, but if you consider that in the defense of Colombia has problems, Venezuela may count on a goal.

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Colombia – 1,363;

a Draw is 4.20 m

Venezuela – 7,00.

the Forecast for the match: Colombia-Venezuela

Colombia is very good in attack, which is confirmed by numerous friendly matches of this team, they came in a good mood and want to fight for a title. Ahead of Venezuela – a tough nut to crack, to split have to work hard. Expect attacking football from Colombia and sharp counterattacks from Venezuela, I think that the teams are able to break the total.

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