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Reggio Emilia – Sardegna Sassari ~ the forecast for basketball

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14.06.15 at 21:45 Moscow time on the floor of the arena "Palamidi" kicks off the final series of the Italian championship, in which "Reggio Emilia" try "not to fall face in the dirt and fight back the firm favourites "on Sardegna Sassari". The series will be held up to four victories.

Reggio Emilia

Command from the same town Reggie Emilia is a regular customer of "elimination games", at least the last few years. But if in the year before last and last season, luck turned away from wards Massimiliano Menetti at the very initial stage, this year Dariusz the Lavrinovic and finally got lucky. In the season of 12/13 in ¼ finals "Reggio Emilia" losing to eventual finalist for Lottomatica Roma" in the decisive seventh game. In the season of 13/14 exactly the same fate befell the team in a pair of "Montepaschi Siena". The current play-off was no exception in the sense that the members of Menetti continued all the fun to debug for the last game.

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So it was with "Brindisi" (3-2) in the semi-finals with "the Umana Valencia" (4-3). In fact, today's owners have passed their previous opponents, not using the full rotation, seven to be exact. Major bombers, it is possible to allocate the most experienced dariusH Lavrinovich, last season played in the Euroleague ULEB" Kiev "Budivelnik". Practically without replacements play a large Ahil Polonara and Amedeo Della Valle. Oars Slims very useful for its "rolnikami". In General the "Reggio" almost all players can boast of a good hit from beyond the arc.One of the main creators of the success is Alessandro Cenciarini, his magnificent passing, often find their recipients, who make "easy" points. Finally decided to leave most prestigious Lithuanian Rimantas Kaukenas, he is not that young, but still capable of great help to his team.

Sardegna Sassari

In recent articles, I described the progress of the wards Romeo Sachetti. It's quite a well-coordinated team, which without doubt for me the favorite in the fight for gold. When in the semi-finals of the "Sassari" won the series 3-2, home and suffered a fiasco from "Milan", thereby postponing the showdown to a decisive seventh game, but already on the floor "fashionistas", I never stopped believing in their team success. According to the bookmaker in that match absolute favorite wards looked Luke Bunchy, -9.5, that was the exit line at Milan. After the first quarter seems to be betting predictions come true, losing 25-14, guests got myself more of a challenge, but not hung up noses. Starting from the second quarter hurt the hosts gradually began to melt, "Sassari" felt confident and raced in pursuit. After 40 minutes the team did not reveal the winner, and all is clear as we are used to seeing - in overtime. There's Shane Lawal gave the team a much-needed rebounds in attack ( only on account of his 21 selection +10 on the offensive boards), which allowed to make guests exit in a decisive duel this season.

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Reggio Emilia – 1.65 ( FROM)

Sardegna Sassari – 2.15 (FROM)

the Forecast for the match Reggio Emilia – Sardegna Sassari

On the home parquet "Reggio" perform almost flawlessly, but with the level the likes of which have owners today, the wards Massimiliano the Manetti have not yet met. Unlike opponents "Sardegna Sassari has full rotation, allowing the leaders to get a full rest, and given the fact that "Reggie Emilia" has played more games in this "ON" than "Sassari" it can play a key role. Finally, guests have the advantage under the boards in the form of a black "giant" Shane Laval.

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