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The Golden state "Warriors" - Cleveland "Cavaliers" ~ forecast

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15.06.15 at 03:00 Moscow time on the floor "Oracle Arena" will meet again "the Golden state" with the "Cleveland". The final series score draw 2-2 and there comes a key moment in the main confrontation of the year. The winner of today's match will be away from the championship. Who will it be "war" of Steve Kerr, or "riders" David Blatt?

Golden state warriors

After the first heavy victory in extra time, followed by two defeats in a row. Steve Kerr had to change something, so this series is quickly ended. Commander in chief of the warriors were not long in coming. Instead of Andrew Bogut in the starting line appeared, perhaps, the most useful person on the team last games – andré Iguodala. "IGI" love to call his fans, in addition to a good protection against the "King" LeBron James, showed leadership qualities just when it most needed the team. Backup plan Steve Kerr worked and now the "GS" in the fifth game have the home support.

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as a team leader Stephen Curry, point guard in the final duel is on dry rations, largely thanks to the Aussie Matthew Dellavedova and his excellent defense. "War" misled LeBron James and his shift in the start, but in the words of the "King" baffled his team ready for such a change.


After a pretty heavy defeat of the match, David Blat assured fans that he has something to respond to guest play. Cleveland lost the match, largely due to the fact that on the face of LeBron James openly read fatigue, after playing almost the entire series without replacements and look gorgeous – very hard. Before tomorrow's meeting, the teams played in the span of a day and a half on vacation, now have "Riders" and their leader was almost three days, enough time to approach the battle in full combat readiness. But if James is fresh, then its good for the team, is invaluable. David Blatt is a great coach, I am sure that he invented his" rod "Golden state", perhaps even associated with the absence of the start of the Russian center Timofey Mozgov, in order to offer its own version of five easy.

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the Golden state – 1.23 ( FROM)

Cleveland – 4.2 (FROM)

the Forecast for the match Golden state warriors – Cleveland

there Comes one of the decisive moments in the NBA finals. Cleveland needs to take advantage of the selection in the form of tima Mozgov and Tristan Thompson, as well as "factor LeBron James", without which this series is not to win. If the "casuals" will continue to defend like they did the first three matches, and in attacking LeBron will show its entire Arsenal, including the "hidden" transfer, "riders" will go home with the advantage and opportunity in his hometown to wrap up the title.