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Murcia - inter Movistar ~ forecast and bet on the match

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15.06.2015 in 22:00 Moscow time will be played the fourth match of the finals of the Premier League, in which there will be "Murcia" against "inter Movistar". After three matches the account in a series 2:1 in favor of inter. As we can see, there is a very big fight for the win of the playoffs and nobody wants to lose. And how will end this meeting? Will the "Murcia" even the score in the series or inter will go in the gap? This all will know very soon, but for now I suggest you go to the review for the match.


"Murcia" at home against inter is still not a very comfortable feeling about what they say the last game teams. Indeed, in the last 5 home matches, 3 times won the "inter", it's just the last 3 victories.

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I don't know why there's always such a trend, but still at home in "Murcia" nothing develops. I don't know, how about this match, but there's a sense that victory in the films-offs all the same will prevail "inter". I may be wrong, but nevertheless it is clear that on the game "Murcia" while weaker, because we only need to wish the team good luck.

the inter Movistar"

"inter" their last away game and won here again playing away. It is evident, however, that the team is ready to win in the playoffs, they play the Spanish are just amazing. Yes, inter have lost their home match, but still there was observed the relaxation of the team than the lack of games, because "Murcia" easily took advantage. No wonder, when the matches were transported into the arena of "Murcia", "inter" has proved all his power and strength, because I am sure that this fight for the "inter" will develop positively, which we very much hope.

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"Murcia" - 2.25

a Draw is 4.33

inter Movistar" - 2.40

the Forecast for the match Murcia - inter Movistar

inter lost its home game against Murcia, but when started away games for this team, inter showed that not in vain has won the championship of Spain and defeated "Murcia". I think in this match the victory should go again inter, after all, the team shows a great game throughout the season and Murcia" still far from this level. But do not forget that "Murcia" loves to punish slackness, inter should play today very carefully in defence and very technical in the attack. On it all! Good luck!

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