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Chile - Mexico ~ forecast and bet on the match

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16.06.2015 in 02:30 Moscow time will start the second round match of group A between the hosts of the tournament, the soccer team of Chile and the Mexicans. The Chileans have a good start at the Copa America, in the first match confidently defeated with the score 2:0 national team of Ecuador, and immediately after that topped the standings of their group. The Mexicans picked up just one point in the match with the underdog of the tournament Bolivia, and now the Mexicans in no event it is impossible to lose in the upcoming meeting, but this would be daunting, because Chile at the level far exceeds the national team of Bolivia.

the Review team Chile.

As I wrote above, Chile is a very good start in the current tournament. The Chileans are a very balanced team with decent potential. In this team there are leaders in each line, there are players on a global level – Vidal, Sanchez, Bravo, but there are some problems. First is protection. The defensive line is clearly not enough power and physical strength, which is very well demonstrated by the national team of Ecuador. Ecuadorian forwards repeatedly won the air at low Chileans, and only low class forwards allowed the hosts of the tournament not to miss. The Mexicans also not Ronaldy ahead of the game, but some interesting players in the national team of Mexico are available. But in General, Chile national team looks very pretty, and deservedly goes in this match the favorite. Tentative lineup: Bravo, Medel, Jara, MENA, Isla, Aranguiz, Diaz, Beausejour, Valvidia, Vidal, Sanchez.

the Review team Mexico.

Very much doubt that the national team of Mexico in the lineup that this team came to the tournament, has a chance of success in Copa America. The Mexicans looked no better than the Bolivians in the opening match. And I remind you that the national team of Bolivia – an obvious outsider not only groups, but also the tournament in General. Chileans on a level superior to Mexicans, and to take points in this match Mexicans can only help a great success. Goal Mexicans can perfectly play, but hardly get my glasses.

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After the first match in the Mexicans can distinguish the left winger Crown and Central midfielder of Guemes, also played well in the centre of defence, but we must not forget about the level of the attack team in Bolivia, which does not go to any comparison with the attack Chile, in which only one Alex Sanchez is worth. The lineup in the match against Bolivia: Corona, Flores, Ayala Marquez Dominguez, Aldrete, Medina, Guemes, Crown, Herrera, Vuoso.


Chile-Mexico 0:0; Mexico-Chile 1:0; Chile-Mexico 2:1; Mexico-Chile 1:0.

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Chile – 1,444;

the Draw of 3.80;

Mexico – 6,50.

the Forecast for the match: Chile-Mexico

the Chileans are now in very good form, especially Alexis Sanchez, who in the first match of the tournament was wound three or four opponents. Wouldn't be surprised if this offensive to the Mexicans will score, but even if he don't check myself, it will help you check in your mates. There is little doubt in the final victory for the Chileans, but the coefficient on the victory of the hosts is not high, so will offer such variant: Chile will win and will score the first goal estimated EFC. in the area of 1.70.