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Reggio Emilia – Sardegna Sassari ~ forecast

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16.06.15 at 21:45 MSK arena "Palamidi" take the second game of the final duel between Reggio Emilia" and "Sardegna Sassari". After the first match Massimiliano Menetti lead in the series 1-0. Now guests in order to secure home advantage should to win.

Reggio Emilia

"Reggio Emilia" started the series. Winning three of four quarters, the squad Massimiliano Menniti secured quite easy, as for the final victory with a score of 82-63. The reason for the defeat of such a powerful "Saginaw" began to spurt in the second quarter, the second quarter is ruled one of the main creators of success - Achille Polonara who scored as medium, and long throws, among other things Polonara remained the most active player under both baskets. In fact, the game was already made before the break when the score reached for "Sassari" critical point -20 (52-32).

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in Addition Polonara, great helped partners Andrea Chincarini, traditional stitched another defensive transfer, not infrequently became the aporia for wards Romeo Sacchetti. Individual flattering epithets deserve Lithuanian Dariusz Marinovich, held for 12 minutes on the floor, brought forward in the net and a dozen points.

Sardegna Sassari

to Explain such a devastating defeat can, perhaps, an absence of Shane Laval. "Bigmen" who is a reliable support not only in attack but also in their half of the site, often cementing his three-second zone, missed the meeting because of damage. As a result of this situation, the squad Romeo Sacheti completely failed in the fight for the rebound (42 of the owners, against a guests with Laval "Sassari 45-50 min) ). Another important factor was the percentage of hits from the game. If the "Reggio Emilia" has shown over the accuracy, scoring 60% of their two-room apartments, "Sasari" these figures are much more modest, almost 44%, not to mention the long range shots, which you completely failed (5 of 24 ). Only one hero more or less resembled a real "Sardegna Sassari", the same one that a few days ago, beat in the decisive seventh game, favorite No. 1 playoff – Milan. The most active player guests - Rakim Sanders deserves applause for his efforts, the opponent was not able to find a cure attacks forward Sasari" zanesshy in his piggy Bank 19 points, the other team leaders: David Logan, Jerome Dyson and Jeff Brooks showed his class and level.

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Reggio Emilia – 1.6 ( OT) Sardegna Sassari – 2.25 (FROM)

the Forecast for the match Reggio Emilia – Sardegna Sassari

If Shane Lawal will play for guests in the second match, which is quite likely, guests have a chance to win. In the last article I described the indispensability of Laval for "Sassari", his game on rebounds and in the paint overall. "Reggio Emilia" of course a good team, but if the leaders of the guests to include their drop-in mode, as the situation may change in favor of Romeo Sacheti and his team.

the recommended rate F2 + 3 for 1.9.