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Cleveland – Golden state ~ the forecast for basketball

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17.06.15 at 04:00 Moscow time home arena of the Cavaliers" "Quicken loans arena" will drive their basketball players only go to victory, a defeat would mean a complete fiasco for "Cleveland '" and winning the Cup Larry OBrien for "the Golden state". Account series 2-3 in favor of Steve Kerr and his offspring.


For David Blatt and his players the moment of truth. "Riders" after 2-1 lead in the series, lost two games in a row and tomorrow's fiasco can be fatal for them, so the owners are determined to win. The leader of the Cleveland - LeBron James in every game of the series is reminiscent of who is the best basketball player of our time. The confirmation of my words can serve as personal stats forward, in five games of the finals, LeBron scored two triple-doubles, the last one in the last game at Oracle Arena (40 points +14 rebounds +11 assists). "Cleveland '" lost last meeting 91-104, however until the fourth quarter looked decent and fought on equal terms with "Warriors". Obviously, the reason for the defeat is the failure of not only strangers, but also under his shield. In the final dvenadtsatiminutke team David Blatt has collected only 7 rebounds, in contrast to the "Warriors", which in this component were more competent, picking up twice.

Golden state warriors

Finally "broke through" Stephen Curry scored a brace in the last meeting 37 points. Permutation Steve Kerr in the starting five, with the emergence of Andre Igoudala instead of Andrew Bogut brought the desired results. Easy five "Warriors" made the commander-in-chief of Cleveland Cavaliers David Blatt to limit in time the Russian center Timofey Mozgov. Lost the fifth match, Tim has played only 9 minutes. Blat explains that thus his team at least a chance to win.

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Brain like me deserves respect, first final NBA center conducts at a very high level, probably Pull in tomorrow's match will come up with something new and give Timothy more time to prove himself, anyway, so it would be fair. As described earlier, the "Golden state" for its three wins are required Andre Igoudala, "Iggy" was the X-factor, without which the team did not become the owner of the rings. Reliable protection against LeBron James and exact hit in the most needed moments turn Andre Igoudala in the catalyst of the success of this confrontation.

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Cleveland – 2.4 ( FROM)

Golden state warriors – 1.51 (FROM)

the Forecast for the match Cleveland – Golden state

primarily, the Cavaliers ' need to improve their defense, defense the way they did during the first three matches. Sure, a discussion was held in the camp of the Cavaliers ' about the job under the basket, because the selection of one of the most important key factors of wards David Blatt. "Riders" everybody understands they have to go and debug the name of the winner until the decisive seventh game (in Oakland). Much will depend not only on defense but also on the accuracy of throws the "King" LeBron James and, especially three-pointers. If the owners are most attentive will play on both boards, the chance of them winning will increase.

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