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Diet for the lazy

Natali24 28.06.2015 at 09:17


But there is no time for classes in the gym and will, alas, too... what to do? Gets you out of the diet for the lazy or minus 12 pounds in 2 weeks.

the concept is simple — drink water, minimize the feeling of hunger, mobilizing cleaning processes, improve metabolism, reduce calories naturally, without strain, and, as a result of losing those extra pounds is simple and easy.

let us see how it goes.

so, the essence of the diet that you are part of the food consumed is replaced by water. Yes, pure, natural without gas, normal water, h2o, from which, in principle, and is up to 75% of our body. That is, we ask for 400-450 ml of water before the meal in 20-30 minutes, as a result eat much smaller portion of high-calorie food than usual — the water will partially fill the space, estimated for food, and will reduce its portion.

And so even before snack — wanted a muffin or eat a sandwich or drink some water (you can drink) and either do not want a sandwich or eat it only half. The result is the reduction of revenues in our body of calories and lack of hunger.

Hereinafter drink water just before eating, when you have already started there is no sajwani! As meal two hours also refrain from drinking. That's the whole system — as said Sherlock, elementary, right? In addition, eating more water, you will not drag on sweet tea, harmful soda or coffee with milk, and again use.

Be slim and beautiful...

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