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How to lose weight in your stomach?

Natali24 29.06.2015 at 15:37


In this article you will learn how to lose weight in the abdominal area, as well as tips for losing weight in the abdominal area.

How to lose weight in your stomach? How can I lose weight in my stomach? There are several efficient techniques allowing to solve an annoying problem. Offer them to your attention.

a balanced diet for weight loss in the stomach

Many people who have voluminous tummy and want to get rid of it, sit on a rigid low-calorie diet. It is fundamentally wrong – quickly dropping weight, you will quickly return to the previous settings. To lose weight, of course, necessary, but in any case not dramatically.

it is Recommended that a balanced diet that includes:

— lean protein (low-fat dairy products, dietary meat, fish);

— complex carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, grains);

— healthy fats (vegetable oils, fish oils, avocados).

the Products can be boiled, baked, steamed. The calorie content is determined individually (taking into account the age and degree of physical activity). During the diet should drink plenty of fluids.

excludes: sweets, fizzy drinks, high-melting fats, pastries made from wheat flour, pickles, smoked products.

How to lose weight in your stomach? Physical activity...

Without physical exercise, work out the abdominal muscles, get rid of the bulky tummy is unlikely. Alone, however, will exercise the desired result, too, will not (your muscles will become stronger, but fat without dieting for the most part will remain on the "rightful place").

this will be the salvation of classes with a Hoop – they not only burn calories, but also "break up" fat deposits on the abdomen (due to the massage effect).

the Disadvantage of this method is a kind of side effect (unaccustomed body bruises). However, to accustom the body to a similar effect can be gradually changing from the easy models to the more severe and include massage inserts the hoops.

by the Way, light the Hoop is harder to keep at the waist during the rotation, so the power consumption is more (training will dried body, which is very important).

Spin the Hoop at any convenient time (even in front of the TV, watching your favorite show). Classes should be regular. Their duration should be increased gradually (the optimal duration is 20-30 minutes, but you can start with 10 minutes).

From the load should drop during menstruation, some gynecological diseases, postpartum and abortion (have to wait for the doctor recommended time), in the presence of neoplastic processes.

body Wraps to lose weight in your stomach

Another popular measure, allowing to get rid of belly – wraps. They can be done both in the salon and at home.

For optimum results, you have to follow the scheme: 15-17 procedures should be carried out with an interval of 2-3 days.

you can not Eat for a couple of hours to wraps and 1-1.5 hours after the procedure. To avoid problems, before the wrap, it is recommended to conduct the test, causing the mixture on a local area of skin.

Before the procedure is to take a warm shower and massage the problem area (you can use a scrub – he will open the pores of the body and allow the active substances to penetrate into the deeper layers).

the Mixture is applied either directly on the skin or bandages, which are then wrapped the body. On top of the treated area is wrapped up in a wide cling film and wear warm clothes.

the Duration of exposure of 30 to 60 minutes. This time can be spent under a warm blanket or to devote his homework. After the procedure you need to take a shower and apply it on the skin for anti-cellulite composition (or moisturizer).

to get rid of belly use different tools. Excellent help algae – kelp not only promotes the burning of fat but also tightens the skin.

Before the procedure, the sheets of seaweed soaked in warm or cold water (respectively, wraps are for hot or cold).

No less effective wraps on the basis of honey. The honey should be warmed on a water bath and add essential oil of orange or grapefruit. 2 tbsp basics enough three drops of EM.

Wraps is impossible to carry out gynecological diseases, neoplastic processes, and varicose veins.

the self-Massage of the abdomen

abdominal Massage is an effective measure contributing to improving the shape. At home the easiest to implement plucked massage.

the body is pre-applied massage oil. The procedure was performed in the supine position. The skin is slightly retracted and the massage starts, directing movement in a clockwise direction – pinching must be sufficiently intense (the navel massage).

After completing the procedure, the skin rubbed with a towel, hiding and resting for a few minutes. Contraindications are similar to those available to the wraps.

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