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The baked apples with cranberries

Natali24 01.07.2015 at 18:41


This simple and healthy dish — baked apples with cranberries.

a Very basic recipe for a great inexpensive and very useful dessert. Try to cook the apples with cranberries – I promise you'll like it!

so apples must be washed, cut neatly at the core, so that did not work through-hole and prick in several places.

the Cranberries, rinse, pour sugar and fill the hole in apples. On a baking sheet, pour a little water. Bake apples in the oven until cooked. The decoction of Apple cores and mashed cranberries, pre-strain it, boil the syrup and pour it over the prepared apples.

Ingredients -

6 apples.

150 gr. cranberries.

4-6 tablespoons of sugar.

For syrup -

250 gr. water.

150 gr. sugar sand.

150 gr. cranberries.

the Core of the apples.

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