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Lose weight quickly

Natali24 01.07.2015 at 19:05


Say at once – lose weight quickly is not very useful. But sometimes very necessary. Say, before an important date or the day before a holiday. Indulge your little weaknesses – sometimes you just need to look great, but time, alas, no.

so, in order to quickly lose 3-4 kg.

1. Limit your daily consumption of calories

2. Choose for yourself a set of physical exercises

3. 3 times a week for half an hour engaged in strength training

4. Absolutely avoid alcohol.

5. Reduce salt intake.

6. Eat more fibre.

7. Totally abstain from any fried foods.

8. Drink plenty of fluids.

9. Replace the carbohydrates to proteins.

10. Not slow physical activity.

11. Sleep more.

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