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Increase eyes with makeup

Natali24 02.07.2015 at 15:41


Small eyes is not a death sentence, and the opportunity to try many techniques of make-up to find your. How to do make up for small eyes ...

a Small, deep-set eyes can be made more visible and attractive with the right mix of shadows, eyeliners and mascara. Revise conventional techniques of makeup and try some tricks from professional makeup artists, with their help you will make fashionable makeover in minutes.

the Makeup for small eyes starts with the design of the circuit. To makeup for small eyes did not diminish your eyes even more, first of all forget about the dark outline around the eyes. Dark and especially black eyeliner is not for you, this "design" will overload your eyes and make them smaller. Podwodny pencil choose soft colors: gray, beige, light brown or flesh tone. Experiment with mother-of-pearl eyeliner.

To create the illusion of bigger eyes you need to choose eye shadows that accentuate the eye color, making it deeper. Select the shade, to shade contrasting with the natural color of your eyes. For blue eyes, use shades of brown, green, plum or purple, and brown – black, blue or dark gray.

Much more effective doing the makeup for small eyes beautiful eyelashes. It is best to use a mascara with a lengthening effect. Eyelashes must be well tightened, this would require special tweezers. Mascara is applied in several layers, with emphasis on the lashes at the outer corner of the eye. Don't forget to carefully paint over the lower lashes.

the Makeup for Small Eyes

practise and enjoy your view!

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