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City Galaxy

Video 10.07.2015 at 12:09


Vast expanses of our Universe since ancient times not give humanity peace. But only in the XIX century, the first "modern" telescopes, by which the dream of space exploration a reality. This event became the starting point for many astronomical discoveries. Since then, great strides scientists closer to unlocking the galactic mysteries. Recently, even the list of planets in the solar system had to be reduced. It turned out that accidentally wormed Pluto in this list. Only 20-30 years ago science was unknown, the frequency with which planets are formed. And today we can easily speculate about the occurrence of exoplanets and their number in cosmos. True to the question are we alone in the Universe, a definite answer is still no. But the search is still going on, and in the space of one year to run the latest satellites. Many scientists even say that they managed to catch signals sent by extraterrestrial beings... About the mysterious exoplanets and prospects of the search for extraterrestrial civilizations telling our guests: Anatoly Cherepashchuk – academician of RAS, doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences, Director of the State astronomical Institute. Sternberg and Boris M. Shustov - member of RAS, doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences, Director of the Institute of astronomy.

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