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Tell me, what is the glory

Video 10.07.2015 at 15:21


The Concept of fame has always been important for mankind. We need only recall the Greek myths, in which the main narrative is dedicated to the legendary generals and Gods. They seemed ideals and our ancestors sought to accomplish feats that though a little to be like their heroes. By the way, some people (or Vice versa in every way tried to avoid fame... they did Not consider their merits before the great society, and lived not to permanently remain in the memory of posterity, and for the betterment of society and its development. But centuries passed and the situation has changed beyond recognition. Today, the desire for popularity acquired scale of real disaster. After all, most members of our society this has become the main goal in life. From the point of view of philosophers, the term "glory" is primarily a historical fixation of significant symbols. The prominent figures of merit are often fixed and in the names of geographic features. But this phenomenon, which came to us from ancient times, is regarded as only a symbolic cultural marker. So what actually constitutes the phenomenon of fame? Interlocutors: Natalia Ivanovna Two - doctor of historical Sciences and Vladimir G. Budanov - the candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, doctor of philosophy.

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